Xuzhou Zhongkuang Transmission and Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of explosion-proof inverters, lifting mechanical and electrical controls, three-level inverters, and synchronous machine inverters.
The company takes advantage of the discipline advantage of China National University of Mining and Technology's important national discipline "Power Electronics and Power Transmission" and at the same time acts as a supporting unit for Jiangsu Province's power transmission and automatic control engineering technology research base.
Since its establishment in 1997, it has been committed to the research and development and production of medium and high voltage high-power AC and DC motor speed control systems and mine comprehensive automation systems.

Exterior view of China Mining Corporation


With advanced technology, excellent cost performance and prompt after-sales service, the company
It is becoming a domestic manufacturer and technical service company of inverters with strong strength and influence.


Three-level inverter with independent intellectual property rights
The technology of AC electric drive full digital speed regulation system is an important new product of the country.

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Explosion-proof frequency converter

ACD AC high performance medium voltage inverter


Adopting a three-level main circuit topology, generating a fifth-order output line voltage, low current distortion, low electromagnetic noise, excellent dynamic and static performance, and low switching frequency, small loss, and high efficiency, achieving active four-quadrant operation;
AFE active front end is used on the rectifier side of the inverter, and an incoming line filter is set on the incoming side of the inverter, so that the inverter can ensure the quality of the waveform fed back to the power grid while achieving energy feedback;
The inverter adopts vulcanized non-inductive laminated bus (BUSBAR) for power device connection, which has the characteristics of low impedance, good electromagnetic compatibility and high reliability;
The power factor of the inverter is not less than 98 percent, no power factor compensation device is required, and the total distortion rate of the harmonic current in the rated operating state is as low as 3% or less;
When the brake system is open, the inverter has a zero-speed full-torque hover function, which realizes heavy hoisting of the hoist to prevent rolling down and ensure stable system operation.

Manufacturer of high power inverter for mine

MW-class high-performance explosion-proof inverter supplier

National Science and Technology Progress Award Wins Enterprise

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